Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome Tap Root

Tap Root has moved to Spenard! They're in the old fly-by-night or former house of rock, Spenard and 33rd.
Welcome to the neighborhood.

the road discussion

there was a meeting recently to discuss the Spenard Road project. it was held at the city hall and included Hollis French, Mike Doogan, Harriet Drummond, Ernie Hall, and various members from the mayor's office and engineering department. diverse crowd.

can't believe the fear mongering and ignorance of those that are opposed to the project. such cliches were uttered in order to incite fear and panic. fortunately the supporters of a safe spenard made thoughtful comments backed up by the engineering department as well as the director of Alaska Transportation Priorities Project.

next step is to continue discussions and keep engaging the business community; not sure what the politicians are going to do. elections are coming up after all.

p.s. - (changed) Mike Doogan is...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spenard Farmers Market

Yay! A farmers market in downtown spenard! This is a great idea and long over due. Thanks to the vision of a couple of fellow Spenardians, this event will come to fruition this weekend for the first time. Check out their web site:

Only $10 for a 12'x12' patch of pavement. To be located under the windmill next to Koot's. They're looking for local/alaskan made or produced products with an emphasis on produce and other foods. Check it out!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

spring snow and other observations

uh, i thought winter was over. quite a little flurry we had today. for god sakes just stop already. i'm ready to see people in shorts and harley's roaring through traffic.

ever notice the interesting arrangement of the the anchorage house of hobbies and rei? the little building that houses a dense collection of model boats, planes,etc. is being pushed towards benson. somehow it seems that the house of hobbies used to be larger, more expansive, and it got squeezed by the adjacent building. certainly no fault of rei just an interesting architectural juxtaposition (yes, i used that $5 word common in art schools)

there are some unusual adjacencies on spenard. stamp and coin collection across from army surplus/ used goods, tibetan food across from biker bar, vietnamese food across from alaskana bar, porn shop across from janitorial supplies, etc. eclectic place this spenard. i hope it becomes more pedestrian and bicycle friendly and safer for drivers, but is able to retain its character; i'd hate to see it become gentrified. is that even possible?

if spenard had a flavor i think it would be a mu shu taco pizza with french fries. wait, i think all the corporate fast food chains are working on it.

sound some great photos of spenard on the alaska digital archives, seems like it's always been a place of hope. old spenard photos

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


what's the tarnish that white, white snow becomes when spring arrives? the urban crust of our winter city caked on fenders and edges of sidewalks. cigarette butts and beer cans sprouting like spring flowers. every year i think to myself that the trees have met their match, they are never going to make it. they are done being green, but instead they impress me. somehow despite ice and cold and haphazard plows they persevere and unravel into green breathing living things. they have the ability to make us forget about the snow, cold, and darkness and put us into a summer trance.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

my hood

So it's been like an entire winter season since I wrote something. I bumped into an aquaintance this afternoon at one of my favorite wine shops in Spenard. He reminded me that I should keep writing about spenard and all its potential in spite of the naysayers about the Spenard Road project. (thanks!) I love living in Spenard. It's hip, bohemian, diverse, funky, and unique. I just want it to be safe and easy to get around. i would also like to see it blosom into a thriving vibrant community that's uniquely Alaskan. Meaning that it would be great to see future changes address our wintry climate as well as our eclectic diversity into a sustainable community. Seem too idealistic?

Recently I was so happy to see an invite to the Spenard Farmers Market. Check it out on facebook. what a great plan, i guess it was just a matter of time. there are many aspects of spenard that seem to be reaching critical mass which historically has led to a renaissance in other communities. using the adjective of renaissance in reference to Spenard is nothing new, but it seems that it's much more palpable these days. we need the road project to happen sooner than later. in many ways it's cramping our style and stifling our creativity.

Spenard, the coolest place in Anchorage!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Assembly Meeting - 2/3/09

Been to busy to post much but have two questions regarding the testimonies against Spenard Road improvements during the last assembly meeting:

  • How will the businesses suffer after the proposed improvements?
  • What part of 241 accidents since 2004 just between Fireweed and Northern Lights appears to be unbroken?

...and thanks Matt and Maureen for your great testimony, keep up the great work!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

slicker than snot

wow! this is got to be the slipperiest conditions I've ever ridden in. i feel like I'm riding with clenched fear; somehow trying to grip the ice with any part of my body that possesses a crevice.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Festivus, etc.

I hope everyone enjoys this holiday season because it could be our last for a while. As the economy does a swan dive into uncharted waters, it's time to take a deep look at ourselves and see ourselves for the very first time. Our insatiable appetite got us into this mess; what we need is an economic and social equivalent of a gastrectomy.

Merry recession to all and to all a good fright.